Combur 3 Test E, 50 Urine Test Strips


$15.99 inc GST

Combur 3 Test E urine test strips

The Combur 3 urine test strips from Roche stand out not only with their easy readability, but also thanks to their high sensitivity, which ensures a very accurate diagnosis. The special structure of the Combur 3 urine test strips ensures that the test areas are quickly soaked with urine and excess urine is absorbed. This avoids interference between test areas..

Product details

  • Low detection limit for a more accurate diagnosis
  • Good resistance to ascorbic acid
  • Very easy to read and clear interpretation
  • After the reaction time has passed, it is possible to read all test areas simultaneously
  • Combur 3 urine test strips can be stored at room temperature
  • 50 test strips
  • Parameters: Glucose, protein, blood