1kg ABE Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher - strap options

Flame Fighter

$35.00 inc GST

Brand new FlameFighter 1.0kg ABE Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher complete with wall/vehicle mounting bracket (with strap) is ideal for use:

- in the car
- on the boat
- in your caravan
- around the home

in fact anywhere where a small handy extinguisher could be needed.

Suitable for fires involving flammable solids and liquids, as well as electrical fires. Rating: 1A:10B:E

Suitable for the following classes of fires: 
Class A: Fires that involve wood, cloth, paper, most plastics, rubber and textiles. 
Class B: Fires that involve flammable and combustible liquids ie. petrol, oil, grease and paints 
Class E: Fires that involve electrical energised equipment

Note that for oil and fat fires in the kitchen fire blankets are a much better option. See our other listings for fire blankets.

These are fully certified, comply with all relevant standards and are refillable.

AS/NZS 1841:5 standard

Features red powder coated steel cylinders, easy to use handles, brass chrome plated valve assemblies, stainless steel gauge and safety pin seal

Powder content is Mono-Ammonium Phosphate ABE type (85% MAP content).